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October 2015

Brothers: Pumpkin patch fall shoot

I had a blast this past weekend shooting these two handsome brothers at the Rancho Bernardo pumpkin patch! They were the perfect little subjects for an amazing fall photo shoot!

IMG_0349 IMG_0381IMG_0326IMG_0325 IMG_0393 IMG_0396 IMG_0401   IMG_0407IMG_0445IMG_0447 IMG_0443 IMG_0477


Officially fall in Southern California

We are finally getting some real fall whether in Southern Cali! Summer seemed to last for freaking ever. Just last week we experienced 100 degree days. I am soooo happy that I can finally take some REAL fall photos!

IMG_0270  IMG_0274 IMG_0275 IMG_0276IMG_0272 (2)

Child’s Play

So I went out to my backyard to smoke a cigarette this morning (bad habit, I know), and was inspired by the remnants my children had left throughout the years. IMG_0250 copy IMG_0253 copy IMG_0254 copy

And now… It’s time to go out there and clean up!

A few shots from today’s nature walk

I just wanted to share a few shots from today’s nature walk. Most are unedited. I wanted to capture nature’s beauty as it is and really felt no need for editing much.

IMG_0233  IMG_0214 IMG_0195 IMG_0191IMG_0198 IMG_0154IMG_0138 IMG_0149 IMG_0146  IMG_0246 copy copy

All images were shot with a Canon EOS Rebel T3i, which I absolutely adore!

The Stunning Sky

Today I was out shooting with my brother and his dog Jedi. A nature walk of sorts. There are times where I am just so amazed at this universe and the beauty it produces. Today, God blessed me with the ability to capture some of His natural artwork…

IMG_0186 copy

Lightroom’s Import is 600% Slower Than Competition

And here I thought it was my computer!


Hardcore Adobe fanatic who is now thinking about alternatives

Sources: Lightroom’s Import is 600% Slower Than Competition

Photography font FLOP!

*disclaimer: all views expressed in this post are my opinion and have not been statistically analyzed.

I have taken issue with two specific fonts that are not only overused by photographers but that just simply suck in general and make your photographs look rather amateur. What are these fonts, you ask?

Well the font I take the most issue with is Papyrus. This font should NEVER be used by any one ever! I can confidently call this the worst font ever created. Now, I’m sure there are worse, visually speaking, but being that this font is so heavily used, it puts it right at the top of my list. Not only is it ugly, but it does not look fun or professional. STAY AWAY from this font when creating your logo or stamping your photographs!

Pretty funny huh? Found this on google. Guess I’m not the only one who thinks this font super sucks.

The second font, although less offensive than the first, is simply too generic and overused in general to give your identity any originality. The font I am referring to is Times New Roman. The mere fact that it is the default font in almost every word processor should be a hint that this font should not be used for a photographer’s logo design. A lot, however, still gravitate towards this font for design purposes. You would think that creative people producing creative photographs would want to use a more creative font to represent their images, but that is not always the case. A bit of advice from a photographer and graphic designer (me!), just say no to Times New Roman.

writing a newspaper article… yes. designing your photography logo… NO!

Doggy Style

His name is Jedi and he is pretty much my soulmate! #mobilephotography


Experimenting with mobile photography

I’ve been snapping so many mobile photos lately and some of them are turning out really cool…. Especially with all of the intricate editing apps out there. For this photo I used Instashot – an easy to use app designed specifically for the editing and posting of instagram photos. However, the features are so rich that it is really multipurpose!


I have an obsession with books and there are ootles of mini-stacks just like this one laying all over my house. Although this is a mobile photo, I tried to capture a unique essence that I’m sure all book lovers can relate to!

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